Getting off track…. How easy it is.

Getting off track is what people usually experience in their lives — including me. But how easy it is is what I could not fathom until recently.

I have this primary goal in life, and I thought in order to reach this goal I had to do x thing. So I started to set A as my secondary goal. I did everything I could to get it. Who knows…once I began to act accordingly to achieve x thing, I completely lost sight of my primary goal. Lost track of why I tried to do x thing in the first place.

Sometimes along the journey to get x thing, I fell down or faced challenges. It’s when I felt my life ended here because getting x thing was perceived by “me at the time” as my main goal. I totally forgot there were other ways to reach my main goal via other means without having to get x thing if this way did not work. I was completely absorbed into only obtaining x thing. Obsessed, I guess.

Some other times, I had to bend myself to the point I did things that contradicted my primary goal just to get the x thing. Then things became unclear. I lost track of what I was doing again.

This is why I found it so convenient to get off track. And lost myself along the way.



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